Memories of the Future

A woman writes increasingly passionate love letters without answer. Her passion and frustration are interwoven with a sense of impending doom, a vision of the coming Mexican apocalypse. A single personal tragedy mirrors the struggle of an entire country trying, in the midst of increasing chaos, to find itself.

I shot this early film with the help of my friend Gabriel Nelson, working with a shoestring over several months on the road, living in the back of a minivan as we traveled across Mexico. Shot in the early years of President Calderón’s disastrous chapter in the war against drugs, MEMORIES is a catalogue of my concerns and struggles, a deliberate digging into shadows of the Mexican soul, a mad universe of visceral images and characters on the edge of reality.

* LCI AWARD – FICUNAM Film Festival 2012

2012, 70 mins, 16:9

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